Micro-brewery for production 100-140 liters of beer per day

Two-units brewhouse for 300 liters — model: BH-300

In our standard base kit we offer two and three-unit brewhouses.

The two-units brewhouse contains:

Mash-wort kettle;
Lauter tun;
Piping and pump(s);
Remote control for two units;
The three-units brewhouse also contains a whirlpool and a control panel for three units.

The rest of the units, such as a mash-kettle, hot and cold water tanks, we offer as additional equipment at the client's choice.

Cost of equipment:

Base equipment
Roller malt mill 150 kg/h RM-150 1 pcs.
Two-units brewhouse for 300 liters BH-300 1 pcs.
CCT at 300 liters CCT-300 7 pcs.
Plate sanitary wort chiller for wort cooling HE-300 1 pcs.
CIP-station for tanks up to 600 liters and beer kegs CIP60(2)K 1 pcs.
Beer Glycol Chiller for Fermentation Tanks Cooling CH-6 1 pcs.
Cost of base equipment: 41830,00 €

Additional equipment
Hot water tank at 600 liters HWT-600 1 pcs.
Cold water tank at 600 liters CWT-600 1 pcs.
Cost of additional eqiupment: 6950,00 €

Cost of complete set: 48780,00 €

Electricity consumers:
Roller malt mill – 1.5 kWt
Two-units brewhouse – 23 kWt
CIP-station – 3.8 kWt
Beer Glycol Chiller – 3 kWt
Hot water tank – 5 kWt

A feature of our breweries is the lack of a steam generator - quite expensive and not convenient to operate the unit. Heating of the mash / wort is ensured by the heating of the jacket over the entire inner surface of the mash-wort kettle. Heat carrier in the heating jacket is food grade propylene glycol. Heating element - electric heating elements or gas burner. Our heating system is safe and easy to operate, and the heating design is reliable and durable. Our heating system was tried and appreciated by our customers around the world.
Production of a brewhouse with a steam jacket is possible

Please feel free to contact us at brovarni.brewery@gmail.com or by phone +380 (93) 107-10-00 (WhatsApp) Iryna

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